Shipping & Returns

Last Updated: 17 May 2022

1) Shipping lead times is about 1 week, subject to delays by the courier, which is outside of our control.

2) We offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee! You can request to return the item within 7 days of receiving the product.

Conditions for the refund are as follows:

a) Only the cost of the product will be refunded, and not the shipping fee.

b) Request has to be made by e-mail within 7 days of product delivery.

c) The product and all its related accessories need to be packed back into the original carton and packing materials.

d) Once the return shipping label has been sent to you, the package needs to be shipped out within 3 days.

e) Orders cancelled after the product is shipped will still be considered as returns. Restocking fee as well as return shipping charges will apply.

3) Keep the original carton and packing materials around, for as long as possible, in case you need to return it for a refund or for repairs.

4) If you have ordered the Falcon Transfer Chair, please check your order confirmation email for a link to fill a MANDATORY pre-shipping checklist. Your order will be automatically cancelled after 7 days if we do not receive a "Yes" response to all questions on the checklist. A fresh new order will need to be placed if you still want the product. A preview of the checklist questions is available here: Falcon Transfer Chair Pre-Shipping Checklist


For any further questions about shipping and returns, please contact us.