Ultra-Lite Mobility Chair (32 lb) Dual Control
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
Lightest electric wheelchair in USA
FREE Battery Pouch provided
Detachable Battery
Detachable Battery
Ultra-Lite Mobility Chair (32 lb) Dual Control

Ultra-Lite Mobility Chair (32 lb) Dual Control

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At 32 lbs (36 lb with battery), the Ultra-Lite is the lightest motorized mobility chair in the world! The lightweight aluminium frame is sturdy and rust resistant. It is easy to fold and can be carried into a car by most ladies.

When folded, it is able to stand on its own or lie down on its back in a stable position without toppling. It can also be pulled along like a trolley, and is compact enough to fit most car boots.

Most foldable mobility devices are using lithium batteries rated more than 160WH, which most airlines will require you to write in for prior approval before you can bring them on board.

But the Ultra-Lite uses a travel battery rated 125WH, and is therefore much easier to bring onto planes.

To add further value to our customers, we also provide a FREE spare battery with every Ultra-Lite mobility chair purchased! Each battery can be easily detached and swapped with a spare when it runs out, and can be charged off-board without being connected to the chair.

The chair also comes with an additional Attendant Control throttle mounted on the push handle, allowing a caregiver to control the wheelchair from behind. This is particularly useful for caregivers who themselves are also old, and do not have the strength to push the patient over long distances or up a slope.

By turning off the joystick and pressing the brake release button located on the control box, the mobility can be pushed manually.


- For manual pushing, there will still be resistance from the magnetic brakes, so this is only good for pushing over short distances. It will not be as easy to push as a manual wheelchair. So if you are expecting to push for long distances, it is better to use the Attendant Control.

- The chair should be used on hard, level surfaces such as indoors and pavements. Uneven or soft surfaces such as sand, gravel or grass should be avoided.

Motorized Mobility Chair Features

- Comes with attendant control function.

- Lightweight, only 32 lbs without battery, with battery only 36 lbs.

- Easy to fold and unfold.

- Top speed of 3.7 mph

- 2 pieces of 24V, 5.2AH lithium battery that travel up to 12.5 miles combined and can be brought on board most airlines without prior approval.

- Able to stand or lie down on its back when folded without toppling.

- Can be pushed manually by pressing on the Free Wheel switch.

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 Weight Capacity 220 lbs
Max Speed 3.7 mph
Seat Width 16"
Seat Depth 16"
Backrest Height 15"
Seat-To-Floor Height 19"
Seat-To-Footrest Length 16"
Net Weight (without batteries) 32 lbs
Total Weight (with batteries) 36 lbs
Folded Dimensions 39" (L) x 24" (W) x 13" (H)
Opened Dimensions 27" (L) x 24" (W) x 33" (H)
Max Range 12.5 miles (6.25 miles per battery)
Safe Climbing Angle 5 degrees
Turning Radius 28"
Battery Type 24V x 5.2AH Lithium x 2 pieces
Motors 2 x 250W Brushless
Front Wheels 8" x 2" Solid
Rear Wheels 12.5" x 2.25" Solid
Frame Material Aluminum

1 year on Motor & Electronics
6 months on Batteries

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